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01. Thai Lettuce Wraps

Thai Lettuce Wraps
This dish is something we crave and is on a regular rotation
for our dinner meals. With the Tiger Smirk Sauce, it's easy
to get that tangy flavor profile and the fresh veggies really
add to this dish. 

02. Instant Pot Pulled Pork

Instant Pot Pulled Pork
Set it and forget it! This recipe is so simple to make and can be
served right out of the pot! Pair it with some dinner rolls and
coleslaw and make it a pulled pork sandwich. Or perfect for
our Pulled Pork Nachos. 

03. Queso

Made with smoked gouda cheese and caramelized onions, this
queso is definitely a unique alternative to your traditional
queso. Spice it up with a little Thai Chili Powder to really get
your tastebuds going! 

04. Pretty Thai® Signature Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings
Our Muay Thai, Sweet Chili, and Peanut Sauces all make an
excellent chicken wing sauce. Pair them with fresh herbs like
dill and cilantro.  

05. Sweet Mesquite 3 Bean Salad

Sweet Mesquite 3 Bean Salad
Keep your New Years Resolution to yourself and make this
healthy 3 bean salad as a side dish. It's loaded with flavors
using a Sweet Mesquite olive oil and our Sweet Chili Sauce. 

BONUS: Thai Pulled Pork Nachos

Thai Pulled Pork Nachos
Already making the queso and Instant Pot Pulled pork? Just a
few more ingredients and you've got yourself the makings for
a tasty nacho bar!