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Pretty Thai® does not offer returns on pantry items but will provide a refund or replacement to any products that arrive damaged or defective. Please contact us immediately at if there's an issue with your order. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. 

First and foremost, please take a photo of the damaged and/or leaking sauce. This helps us identify the issue so we can resolve it and make improvements for the future. You can email us at

Yes! This is totally normal because all of our products are natural. We don’t use xantham gum or other additives to help ‘suspend’ the particles to prevent the sauce from separating. We believe that food should be pure and natural

Our products are produced in small batches and are cooked. Slight variations to the cook times and heat can cause the product to become darker. We taste test each batch and ensure it meets our commitment to producing the highest quality of products. Since we produce a natural food,

Pad/Pat/Phat/Phad are different variations of spelling the meaning of ‘to fry’ or ‘stir fry’. We use authentic ingredients such as palm sugar, dried shrimp, radish, and tamarind. We are very proud of this sauce and call it Pat because it is authentic. We hope you give it a try!

The only sauces we put in the fridge after opening are the Pat Thai and Thai Peanut. The other three sauces typically stay on our tables as a condiment, but you can put all the sauces in the fridge to maintain freshness longer.  The sauces will stay fresh on the table as well, the fridge always extends this. 

Our sauces have zero unnatural thickeners, gums, etc..  If you give them a good shake they will come together and thicken up even more as you cook with them.

The Sweet Chili and Thai Peanut will thicken up even more when chilled, or of course when cooked with. They are created to be versatile, and we avoid the gums, etc. because they don’t provide the optimal flavor profile and texture.

The Pat Thai Sauce is thin in the bottle and will begin to thicken up as you cook with it.

Please email us at and we’ll get back to you!