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Prep Time
10 Min
Cook Time
25 Min
Spice Level
0 of 5



12 oz egg noodle pasta

1 lb 90/10 ground beef

1 tbsp garlic

1 medium yellow onion

1 leek

8 oz baby bella mushrooms

¼ cup red wine

2 tbsp Dijon mustard

¾ cup Pretty Thai® Peanut Sauce, divided

¾ cup Pretty Thai® Pat Thai Sauce

1 tbsp Pretty Thai® Seasoning Salt

10-12 mini sweet peppers, varying colors

6 oz coconut milk (Aroy-D recommended)

1 oz basil

Pretty Thai® Thai Chili Powder, optional

1 tsp kosher salt

2 tsp olive oil


Cook noodles according to package directions. Meanwhile, sauté the ground beef on medium high heat until browned. Drain and remove from the pan. Set both aside.

Prepare the vegetables by first slicing the onions lengthwise. Cut the top and the roots of the leek off and slice in half. Slice it in a half moon shape. Mince the garlic. Finally, slice the mushrooms and sweet peppers.

Next, add 1 tsp oil to a large sauté pan and cook garlic on medium high heat. Once the garlic becomes fragrant, add in the onions and leeks. Sauté until browned, remove them from the pan and set aside.

Next, add the remaining oil to the pan and sauté the mushrooms sprinkling with a pinch of salt. Deglaze with the red wine and Dijon mustard. Add ½ cup of Pretty Thai® Peanut Sauce and stir.

Add in the cooked and drained ground beef, Pretty Thai® Pat Thai Sauce and Pretty Thai® Seasoning Salt. Add back in the sautéed onion mixture. Stir in and then add the sweet peppers and coconut milk. Let this simmer for about 8 minutes so all the juices can soak up into the ground beef.

In a large bowl (or the large pot you used to cook the noodles in), Mix ¼ cup of Pretty Thai® Peanut Sauce with the cooked noodles. Stir in the ground beef mixture. Tear the basil leaves and add. Plate. Tear extra basil on top and sprinkle with Pretty Thai® Thai Chili Powder if you desire extra spice. Enjoy!


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