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    Prep Time
    20 Min
    Cook Time
    30 Min
    Spice Level
    3 of 5



    2 packets of dry ramen (any brand)

    1 lb brussels sprouts

    1/4 cup baby bella mushrooms, quartered

    3 celery stalks

    1/2 onion, sliced lengthwise

    1⁄4 cup Pretty Thai® Sweet Chili Sauce

    1⁄4 cup Pretty Thai® Muay Thai Sauce

    1/4 cup Holy basil or Thai basil leaves

    Sunflower sprouts (optional for garnish)

    1-2 tbsp oil

    Salt and Pepper, to taste


    STEP 1
    Preheat oven to 425 ̊F. Cut the brussels sprouts in half and coat with oil, salt and pepper. Place them on a baking sheet and cook for about 20 minutes or until they are browned.

    STEP 2
    Remove ramen from the package and set aside the seasoning packages. We will not use the seasonings for this dish, but you can reserve it for another dish if you wish. Next, cook the ramen according to package directions. Drain and coat with a little olive oil to prevent the noodles from sticking together. Set the ramen aside to begin cooking the vegetables.

    STEP 3
    Slice the celery and onion into long strips. Quarter the mushrooms and chiffonade the basil leaves. Measure out the Muay Thai and Sweet Chili Sauces and set them aside.

    STEP 4
    In a wok or cast-iron skillet, pour in 1 tbsp oil and heat to medium-high. Add the celery, onion, and mushrooms. Cook until the vegetables start to brown. Next, add in the cooked noodles and use your spoon to softly break apart the noodles, then add in the roasted brussels and sauce. Lastly, add in the basil. Garnish with sunflower sprouts, if desired.

    *Note: Any protein choice can be added. Suggested additions are ground beef, tofu, or shrimp sautéed with salt and pepper.

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