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    Prep Time
    10 Min
    Cook Time
    15 Min
      Spice Level   



    Marinated mozzarella:

    1 cup mozzarella balls

    1 tbsp olive oil

    ½ tsp chopped parsley

    ½ tsp thyme

    ½ tsp chopped oregano


    Pasta sauce:

    1/4 cup mayonnaise

    1/4 cup Pretty Thai® Tiger Smirk



    8 oz fusilli pasta

    1 small zucchini, cut into discs

    1 cup cherry tomatoes, quartered

    ¼ cup pepperoncini

    ¼ onion, sliced lengthwise

    ¼ cup parmesan

    ¼ cup mozzarella

    1 handful basil


    Step 1:
    Cook pasta according to package directions. Drain and set aside. Next, marinate the mozzarella by combining the olive oil, parsley, thyme, and oregano. Set aside.

    Step 2:
    Make the sauce by combining the mayonnaise and Pretty Thai® Tiger Smirk Sauce. Combine and pasta with the sauce and stir to fully incorporate.

    Step 3:
    Chop all the vegetables and add to the pasta along with the parmesan,
    marinated mozzarella, and basil. Serve and enjoy!

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