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    Prep Time
    10 Min
    Cook Time
    30 Min
    Spice Level
    3 of 5



    ¼ onion, diced

    1 tbsp oil

    1 tsp Pretty Thai® Seasoning Salt

    1 lb ground chicken

    ½ tsp cumin

    1/4 tsp smoked paprika

    1/4 cup Pretty Thai® Muay Thai Sauce

    1 large tomato, diced

    ½ tsp oregano


    STEP 1
    Sauté the diced onion with the oil on medium heat. Stir the onions frequently and add a pinch of salt. Cook until translucent, about 10 minutes.

    STEP 2
    Add the Pretty Thai® Seasoning Salt to the onions and stir. Next, turn up the heat to high add in the ground chicken. Brown on the bottom and then break it apart until it is fully cooked. Turn the heat back down to medium and add the cumin and paprika. Once the spices are fully combined, add in the Pretty Thai® Muay Thai Sauce and diced tomato. Simmer on low until the tomatoes break down a little, about 10 minutes. Take the taco meat off the heat and stir in the oregano.

    STEP 3
    Serve with soft or crispy tacos and toppings of your choice! Great options are sour cream, guacamole, and lettuce. Make the meal complete and serve the tacos alongside some refried beans and rice!

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