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    Prep Time
    10 Min
    Cook Time
    15 Min
      Spice Level 
      2.5 of 5




    1 cup ranch dressing

    ¾ cup parmesan cheese

    ¾ cup bread crumbs

    2 lbs chicken tenders

    ¼ tsp Pretty Thai® Thai Chili Powder

    Pretty Thai® Tiger Smirk Sauce and/or

    Pretty Thai® Muay Thai Sauce


    STEP 1
    In a mixing bowl, coat the chicken tenders in the ranch dressing.

    STEP 2
    In a separate bowl, combine the Parmesan Cheese, breadcrumbs, and Pretty Thai® Thai Chili Powder.

    STEP 3
    A few at a time, add the chicken tenders to the bread crumb mixture and coat well.

    STEP 4
    Coat the air fryer basket with cooking spray and add the chicken tenders to the basket in a single layer, keeping them from touching.

    STEP 5
    Cook at 400˚F for 12 minutes. Tenders will be golden brown and have an internal temperature of 165˚F.

    STEP 6
    Serve with Pretty Thai® Sauce for dipping!


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